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Loni Anderson

Loni Anderson

Stella Stevens

Stella Stevens

I’m a legend in my own mind.

*flips down sunglasses à la John McVie in the Rosebud film*

Debra Tate wants to know if I have any more ideas for Sharon art.

Excuse me while I try not to freak the fuck out and have a stroke…

Ann-Margret, in a promotional photograph for Tommy

Ann-Margret, in a promotional photograph for Tommy

Debra Tate called me talented and pretty….

IDK what to do now, I’m freaking out too much…

Oh shit….

Sharon Tate’s sister is now aware of me because of a 4th of July-themed piece of artwork I did featuring Sharon. I posted it on my Sharon blog along with a Sharon FB group that one of Debra Tate’s friends runs. He loved it, sent it to Debra, she loved it, and now he emailed her my FB profile pic and name. Debra Tate kinda knows who I am.

Freaking out on 5,000,000 levels….

A few of the photos of Cher that I took when I saw her on 6/30/2014 at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. This was her last song, I Hope You Find It, and she basically flew through the entire arena. At one point she was about eight feet above me and it was amazing. She puts on the most unbelievable show. If you get the chance to see her, do it!

I hadn’t seen Beauty & The Beast for awhile, so I forgot what Beast looked like when he changed back to a human. I swear there was a moment where I went; “Wait a minute. So he’s a pretty, pretty lady?”

Outtakes from the 1973 photo session for the Buckingham Nicks album cover, photographed by Jimmy Wachtel